Friday, February 08, 2008

Gt White Egret Nuneaton 8th.

A Great White Egret was found today feeding along the river anker Nuneaton by S Haynes. The bird was feeding along a strech of the river between Hartshill and Caldecote,take the B4111 from Nuneaton to Mancetter a take a right turn on a bend sign posted Leathermill lane. Ace Karting sign at the begining of the lane, just before a sharp right hand bend by cottages park up and view river from public footpath towards Caldecote Hall. Or take Caldecote lane of the A444 pass the hall entrance on your right hand side park up just before cottages on your right and take public footpath across the field which skirts the river. The bird was last seen flying towards the private part of the river where there is no access.Please keep to public rights of way at all times.(S Haynes, S Seal, R Dawkins, B Duckhouse).

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