Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wood Warblers in Warks.

Wood Warbler......Seeswood Pool......Photo by (D Hutton).

Wood Warbler ......Seeswood Pool......Photo by (S Seal).

Wood Warblers are a species on the decline and have become a scarce passage migrant through Warwickshire, with only one or two birds noted annualy. They arrive during late April early May from their wintering grounds in Africa, and are soon on return passage by late July early August. Its song is the give away with its characteristic sibilant trill, the delivery of which sets the whole bird quivering. The West Midlands area is very much on the edge of the Wood Warblers range, and they have become absent as a breeding species in Warwickshire. Two birds were found this weekend, the first on 27th in song at Draycote Water briefly early morning (J Richardson). The second showed well all day at Seeswood Pool 28th (D Hutton) and was well photographed.

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