Sunday, May 11, 2008

W.W.B. Tern Draycote May 10th.

White winged Black Tern...Draycote...Photo by (B Duckhouse).

Draycote,s White winged Black......Photo,s by (S Seal).

An adult White winged Black Tern was present for most of the day at Draycote Water viewed from farnborough bank , this was Draycote,s 8th record. White winged Black Terns breed in Hungary and Bulgaria eastwards into Asia and winter in Africa south of the Sahara. On migration a few join parties of Black Terns and are some-times displaced westwards as far as Britian.
Previous Warwickshire records,
Alvecote Pools 12-07-69
Draycote 24-08-70
Kingsbury WP 27-06-81
Draycote 18-09-82
Kingsbury WP 21-08-83
Draycote 24-09-83
Draycote 26-07-96
Draycote 29-07-01
Kingsbury WP 26-08-01
Draycote 15-07-03
Draycote 23-08-03
Dosthill 01-08-05.

S Seal.........

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