Monday, January 24, 2011

24th Jan 2011

Waxwing 60+ Kingswood Rd (D.Hutton)

Seeswood Pool
White-fronted Goose x1 1st winter still
Goosander x3 (D.Hutton)

Alvecote Pools
Pintail x 5
Goosander x 7
Marsh Tit (Jon Morgan)

Waxwing x43 on Tv aerial of No 34 Moor Rd (Birdguides)

Kingsbury Water Park
Smew x3 1 drake 2 redheads on Otter Pool this morning (Birdguides)

Ladywalk NR
Mealy Redpoll
Bittern (Birdguides)

Draycote Water
Smew x1 drake Farborough Bank
Scaup x1 female off the Inlet (B.Hazell,R.Mays)