Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Firecrest Alvecote Dec 12th

The Firecrest is still present along Laundry Lane Alvecote.
Laundry lane is on the far side of the river bridge on the road from Alvecote to Shuttington. As the road turns right immediately after the bridge it is the narrow lane on the left Grid reference SK249051 As well as the Firecrests (2 different birds present) there was also a rather confiding male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker around the dead elms at the bottom of Laundry Lane at the weekend.

Can I ask birders not to drive to the top of Laundry Lane as it often disturbs the birds. Unfortunately you also run the risk of either getting a puncture or having your car broken into if you leave your car in the fisherman's car park. Please park sensibly in the large pull-in at the bottom of the Lane and please remove any valubles from view.

Happy birdin'

(A Archer.)

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Archie said...

For all of you hardcore Warks birders please note that all land to the left of Laundry Lane (as you look up) is in the slightly down market County of St*ffordshire. :o) The actual Lane and everything to the right is in Shakespeare's County. Happy birdin' - Archie (Volunteer Warden - Alvecote Pools SSSI)