Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nearby Reports May 4th.

Bee-eater at 15-30 (over) Marsh Lane W.Mids. (P Johnson)

Wryneck Kirkby in Ashfield Notts.

Honey Buzzard Holme Pierrepont Notts.

Temmincks Stint Wanlip GPs Leics.

Dotterel x4 Lamport Northants.

Turnstone x2 Drayton Bassett Pits Staffs.

Black Tern x55 Rutland Water Leics.
Black Tern x3 Attenborough NR Notts.
Black Tern x2 Chasewater Staffs.
Black Tern x1 Boddington Res Northants.
Black Tern x1 Marsh Lane W.Mids.
Black Tern x2 Daventry Res Northants.
Black Tern x19 Bredons Hardwick Worcs.
Black Tern x6 Kilvington Notts.
Black Tern x8 Long Eaton GPs Derbys.
Black Tern x5 Cropston Res Leics.
Black Tern x3 Aston-on-Trent Derbys.
Black Tern x2 Belvide Res Staffs.
Black Tern x8 Stanwick GPs Northants.
Black Tern x2 Hoveringham GPs Notts.

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