Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22nd March 2011

Alvecote Pools
Waxwing x 5 in birches west of mound at Pooley Fields Country Park early afternoon
Little Egret on Mill Pool (A Archer & J Harris)

Ladywalk Nature Reserve - WMBC Permit Holders Only
Pintail male & female
Goosander x 38
Green Sandpiper
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker drumming
Waxwing x 8
Mealy Redpoll x 3
Lesser Redpoll x 30 (S Cawthray)

Waxwing x 70 on Cawston Estate (RBA)

Draycote Water
Greater Scaup first winter male
Mediterranean Gull x 4 adults in the roost (RBA)

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve - Warwickshire Wildlife Trust Members
Little Ringed Plover still this afternoon (RBA)

Red Kite at Ullenhall circling over Henley Road at 3.00pm (RBA)

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker by Max Silverman